I love locomotives! As a child I remember standing under railway bridges as the steam engines hurtled past underneath, coughing & spluttering! The National Railway Museum offered me a journey back through time. I was able to get up close to some real icons of the golden age of the railways including Mallard, the world’s fastest steam locomotive and a two hundred year old Stephenson`s Rocket!

Walking around these giants of the steam age I discovered how the railways had shaped our world, from the splendour of royal train carriages belonging to Queen Victoria and authentic mail trains complete with post! I found the Open Store containing over 10,000 ephemera, memorabilia, station signs, furniture & other railway objects fascinating.

I had a fantastic afternoon at our National Railway Museum. Whether you are into steam locomotives, our national transport history or just simply curious I can guarantee all visitors will find something of interest. It is a fascinating museum on a large scale!